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Alright guys!! I finally hit 1000 followers!! I am so thankful for you guys that I knew I had to make a giveaway!! I’ve tried to find a way to give you guys as much as I can!!

What you get:

  • Generic Jake T-shirt (no tour dates on the back and will be bought to fit the winner, with the choice of black or white)
  • 3 small posters
  • A phone case (any picture or phone you would like)
  • Jake Bugg (Debut Album) CD
  • 4 small buttons
  • Shangri La CD


  • Winner can choose one of the movies I give him next tour
  • Winner can also put a note into said DVD
  • Winner also gets a special signature from Jake with their name (this is not guaranteed because it is never guaranteed I will meet him, but it will be the first signature I try to get. The winner will also get the choice of which item they would like signed)


  • You must be following me (I will check)
  • Only reblogs count. Liked do NOT count (the winner will be chosen by a random generator)
  • (not required) it would be nice if you subscribe to my fully Jake Bugg youtube channel

This giveaway ends October 19,2014 and the winner will be both announced on my tumblr and I will message them privately (so make sure your asks are open). The winner has only 3 days to claim the winnings, choose the movie, send a note and their address for me to send the winnings!! This is open to everyone, internationally!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!! This is my first giveaway so I honestly don’t know what I’m doing so if anything is confusing you I can help fix that!



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Anonymous asked:

Another bit from the NME review: "A middle, acoustic section brings two new tracks. Performed as a solo offering ('Looking Down The Avenue') and an acoustic strum with his band ('Hold On You') they're stripped-down allusions to where his next record might be headed, but the bluesy lick of the latter hints at a bare-bones, two-chord rootsiness that ditches the gloss producer Rick Rubin painted with on 'Shangri La' for something altogether more rough and ready."

Yesss ditch the gloss producer!! Haha but yess rough and ready… I’m ready.

Anonymous asked:

NME dated 18th Oct gave a good review (8 out of 10) to Jake's 6th Oct Wolverhampton show. There's a quote from Jake about playing big venues: "In a lot of cases less is more. Having less makes it sound much bigger - that's something I've been working with. We've stripped down a bit of the set and it seems to be working." Given what he just said about the album version of Song About Love it definitely looks like 'less is more' is now the way forward. So happy.

I am kinda glad he gets that now… I’m wondering how his Black Keys tour will go